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Empowering Grief Support Through Therapeutic Groups, Insightful Books, and Holistic Practices

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Find a picture of yourself BEFORE the death of your loved one. If your picture is small, enlarge it to at least 8 x 10 so that you can see your own eyes clearly. Carefully make a list of those strengths. Be proud of yourself for noticing.
Use the insights that you wrote in your journal to meditate upon your life prior to the death of your loved one. If you are not a meditator, just take five minutes to remember what strengths you had in those days.
Write each of your strengths on a separate page. What do you remember about your strengths prior to your grief? (This is not a judgment process. It will give you a baseline for discovering the Treasures in Your Grief.)
Now take a picture of yourself today. Again, blow up the picture so you can really see your own eyes. No doubt, your eyes reveal your grief.
Go deeper. Reflect upon the person that you are today. How have you changed? Write down what strengths you discover as a result of your grief. Has your courage grown? Has your compassion expanded? Make notes in your journal.
Consider asking a friend or relative how they feel you have changed since the death of your loved one. Ask if they noticed that you have become stronger. You might be surprised at the answer but be sure to write the answer in your journal.
Reflect upon each growth that you discover. Write down your insights. Take your time. Pick one insight a day. Do this over a period of thirty days. I encourage you to add a prayer for guidance as you do this.
Now remember the help you received as you traveled your path of grief. Who supported you on your grief journey? Write down the names of the individuals, organizations, even books that helped you.
Congratulations! You are discovering the Spiritual Gifts Hidden in Your Pain. Your soul has grown exponentially because of the help you received as you walked your Path of Grief.
I encourage you to meditate upon your spiritual gifts. You might include a prayer of gratitude for your new understanding. I believe when you meditate and when you pray, you connect with other like-minded people. These suggestions will lift you higher and higher into the life of hope and healing that you truly deserve.

Discussion about Transpersonal Journaling…

One morning Lo Anne Mayer wrote a letter to her mother, who had died a year earlier. Despondent over the strained relationship they had endured in life, Lo Anne started the journal because she still longed for healing. So began a remarkable soul-to-soul correspondence that restored their bond. When Lo Anne’s daughter Cyndi died, Lo Anne started a new journal that helped soothe her grief. Now she shares her story and simple technique with bereaved people everywhere. –excerpt from Lo Annes book, Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death

Talking about the simple process of transpersonal journaling gives Lo Anne the chance to share how healing your broken heart can still happen through Celestial Conversations by reaching through the veil. After ten years of teaching individuals how to use prayer, meditation and journaling to ask questions and find forgiveness as she did with her own mother and daughter, Lo Anne is honored to help others to do so.

What is Transpersonal Journaling?

Prayer, meditation and a healing intention are preludes to the inner listening required to be open to write down the wise words from loved ones who have passed.  Writing down the words without censoring is essential to Transpersonal Journaling.

Do I need to attend a seminar to use Transpersonal Journaling?

I began my Celestial Conversations alone in 2005 and it worked for me.  However group intentions are far more powerful.  There is also the benefit of like-minded people who gather to encourage different perspective

Will I always get words to write down in Transpersonal Journaling?

Some people receive pictures or colors which are meaningful for them.  Whatever is received feels positive and healing, but not always easily interpreted.  That is why group participation can be very helpful.

Guided Meditation

Prepare to relax and center yourself with Lo Anne’s guided meditation.

Celestial Conversations™ Meditation is my gift to help center and balance your mind and body, whether or not you need it for your own transpersonal journaling.

Prepare to relax and center yourself with
Lo Anne’s guided meditation.


Suggested Reading

Passages Beyond the Gate
By Dr. George-Harold Jennings

Looking for Gold
By Susan M. Tiberghien

Ask Your Angels
By Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer

Advice to the Dying
By His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Many Lives, Many Mansions
By Dr. Brian Weiss

Life After Death: The Burden of Proof
By Deepak Chopra

The Power of Premonitions
By Dr. Larry Dossey

Dying To Be Me
By Anita Moorjani

Love’s Eternal Marriage
By Irene Weinberg

Your Soul’s Gift
By Robert Schwartz

On Dragonfly Wings
By Danela Norris

Kything : The Art of Spiritual Presence
By Savary & Berne

Sacred Threshold
By Paul D’Arcy

Life Touches Life
By Lorraine Ash

Nothing Short of Joy
By Julie B. Genovese

When Souls Take Flight
By Kira Rosner

By Robert J. Danzig

Life After Death
By Dr. Raymond Moody

Reaching Through the Veil to Heal
By Linda Drake

The Spirits Book
By Allan Kardec

Never Letting Go
By Mark Anthony

Proof of Heaven
By Eben Alexander, M.D.

Return to Love
By Marianne Williamson

Like a Wave from Another Shore
By Juliane Grodhus and Dorothea Stockman

The Heart of Healing; Discovering the Secrets of Self Care
By Regina Rosental

International Grief Council

Three women. Three countries. Three cultures.

Lo Anne Mayer (USA), Daniela I. Norris (Israel & Canada), and Uma Girish (India).

But when each of them lose a loved one, they discover a commonality: the universal language of grief.

As they grow through the gifts of grief, they feel called to share their message.

Authors, healers and teachers, these women have healed their broken hearts and helped others find the light through the darkness of grief. The trio have now come together in a new format: The International Grief Council.