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Treasures In Grief

New Release: Summer 2023
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Nine years after the death of our daughter, Cyndi, I returned to Glastonbury, England, prior to giving a grief retreat in Oxford. Closure was my intention as I checked into Daisy’s B & B.  Cyndi died while I was in Glastonbury for a Writers Retreat.  Three days into the retreat I was notified of Cyndi’s death and rushed on to a plane for her funeral in the United States.

I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to return to the site of my personal post traumatic stress.  After two years of grief counseling, seven years of being member of Compassionate Friends and writing a successful book about reaching through the veil for healing, I felt I was ready for closure.  God had another idea.

Returning to Glastonbury felt like going through a black hole and discovering that there is a magical universe on the other side.  No one talks about that.  You should know, Dear Reader, when you are grieving, the black sky that you see is filled with beautiful stars.  Beyond the stars is a Universe you probably never guessed is out there.  Come with me, beyond the void to a world which contains the Treasures in Grief.  Let’s discover your spiritual gifts together.


Celestial Conversations

Published: October 29, 2012
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One morning Lo Anne Mayer wrote a letter to her mother, who had died a year earlier. Despondent over the strained relationship they had endured in life, Mayer started the journal because she still longed for healing. So began a remarkable soul-to-soul correspondence that restored their bond. When her own daughter died, Mayer started a new journal that soothed her grief. Now she shares her story and simple technique with bereaved people everywhere.

“I wish I’d had more time. I want more time. I need more time.” When someone we love passes, we often weep those words, no matter the kind of relationship. And, sometimes, circumstances of life can cause those words of pain and sorrow to be accompanied by their daunting companions, regret and guilt. We ask ourselves, “What more could I have done, or done differently? What else could I have said? Why did I say that!” And, we could spend the rest of our lives agonizing over such questions. I know this because I did so after my own mother passed a month before I was to be married. But now, Lo Anne Mayer’s book Celestial Conversations offers a means of further communication with a departed loved one through a process of journal and letter writing. And, so, by utilizing those same techniques, I have discovered a balm for the anguish of grief. For me, wondrous healing has followed communication. If you have experienced the suffering from the kind of grief that comes from intensely conflicting emotions after losing a loved one, this book may help you to understand that it is not too late.” -Verified Purchaser

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Featured Story in Angels Among Us

Published: December 7, 2022
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As an avid believer in angels, Lo Anne was happy to contribute her story to this Number One best selling book.  I encourage you to read this heartwarming and inspiring book.

From the #1 international bestselling authors of the Defining Moments book series comes a heartwarming and inspiring book about the incredible impact that unexplained acts from strangers or divine intervention can have on the world around us.

From a mysterious visitor in a dying woman’s hospital room, to a stranger who gave the greatest gift of all, to a shocking revelation from a Hawaiian man that saved the lives of a mother and her child —Angels Among Us introduces remarkable people whose connected stories will move, surprise, and inspire readers. Angels Among Us sheds light on how everyone can live happier, more purposeful lives through stories of hope.

Featured Story in Coping With The Loss Of A Child

Published: September 9, 2016
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Lo Anne Knows only too well the deep pain of losing a child.  She was honored to contribute her story to this inspiring book, written specifically by and for parents who have lost children.  The stories of hope and healing can be helpful to any parent waling the path of grief.