By Lo Anne Mayer

Treasures in Grief

Discover 7 Spiritual Gifts Hidden in Your Pain

Returning to Glastonbury felt like going through a black hole and discovering that there is a magical universe on the other side.  No one talks about that.  You should know, Dear Reader, when you are grieving, the black sky that you see is filled with beautiful stars.  Beyond the stars is a Universe you probably never guessed is out there.  Come with me, beyond the void to a world which contains the Treasures in Grief.  Let’s discover your spiritual gifts together.

Best Selling Author

Lo Anne Mayer

Before writing Treasures in Grief: Discover 7 Spiritual Gifts Hidden in Your Pain, Lo Anne studied and taught many forms of healing for over 30 years. Raising her six children was catalytic for her original interest in nutrition, charismatic healing, therapeutic touch, the mind-body connection and many forms of meditation.  She is a student of a “Course in Miracles” and Edgar Cayce’s readings.  Her interest in hands-on healing led her to become a Reiki Master.

As a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “Healing Your Life Course”, which she taught for 12 years, she included private consultations.  Inspired by her training with Alma Daniel to teach “Angel Meditation,” Lo Anne produced and hosted a television show entitled, “Angels at Work” which highlighted the good works of ordinary people.

The deaths of her mother and daughter inspired Lo Anne to reach beyond the veil for understanding and healing the mistakes of their past relationships.  As a result of her successful experience in connecting with her lost loved ones, she wrote her first book:  Celestial Conversations:  Healing Relationships After Death.  Lo Anne shared her transpersonal journaling in workshops all over the United States for the past ten years.  She continues to help the broken-hearted as she offers her second book:  Treasures in Grief: Discover 7 Spiritual Gifts Hidden in Your Pain.

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“In these pages are divinely guided messages that will change your awareness of the soul’s journey. Celestial Conversations will open your heart so you can begin your own process of healing.” -Linda Drake


“Lo Anne Mayer has woven her insight, experience, and gentleness into a mending kit for those whose hearts are broken after the passing of a loved one.” -Bob Danzig


“This book is a very special accomplishment for you and for the body of knowledge seekers can use to make connections and heal wounds they thought may never heal. Truly a gift!”-Ethel Lee Miller

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